The Easy Baked Salmon Wrap You’ll Want for Dinner Every Night

Salmon Wrap

It’s *that* good, *that* fast, and *that* healthy. By Allison Day If the weeknight post-workout dinner had a patron saint, it would be parchment. Fold the workhorse into a quick pouch, toss in fresh ingredients, bake, and bingo—an easy, low-fuss meal in minutes. Almost any kind of meal works in a parchment packet. (Here are three very different options.) Just be sure to use boneless skinless meat and fish and slice heartier veggies into thin, quick-cooking pieces. This baked salmon en papillote is a perfectly seasoned and incredibly easy. (But before buying that salmon, get all the info on wild-caught […]

Stay Fresh This Summer With Reebok

zoku runner black

Shop Reebok And Stay Fresh     Stay fashionable this spring with the newest take on the Reebok Classic Leather, the Speckle Midsole Pack. In this pack, the speckled-effect midsole amplifies the modern light footed cushioning that only today’s materials can add to such a classic shoe. The low-cut design offers freedom of motion while the mesh, ballistic nylon and nubuck upper lends durability and support. Although these features are what will keep you comfortable all day long, it’s the unmistakable design details that make this pack another go-to staple in the timeless Classic Leather collection. Mesh, ballistic nylon, and […]

Best Sunscreen And Sun Safety Tips For The Entire Family

best sunscreen

Advice from a dermatologist Provided by La Roche-Posay Warmer weather means more fun in the sun—and there’s no reason a sunburn should get in the way. “With the proper precautions and products—adults and children alike can avoid the pitfalls of too much sun exposure,” said board-certified Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, dermatologist Dr. Naana Boakye. Read more for the best sunscreen advice. Beyond the short-term signs of too much sun (i.e., skin redness and burning), UV exposure has effects like visible signs of aging and skin cancer that can take decades to become apparent. In fact, 80 percent of skin aging […]

This shoe will keep you stylish for summer


Best Old School Sneaker for summer “17” From designer bags to statement shoes, every season there’s a set of “It” items that take over the fashion scene. Today, we’re focusing on the shoe department, specifically the sneakers that nearly every sneaker head should own. While browsing our favorite accounts, we found a few sneaker styles that you’re sure to find in the wardrobes of sneaker heads for summer “17” . From simple, sleek sneakers to outfit-making kicks, the Reebok Aztec line is setting a trend that will dominated the sneaker world. While nearly every fashion girl or guy should owns […]

What to Eat for Breakfast When You Wake Up Feeling Bloated

what to eat for breakfast

Overdid it last night? Starting your day with the right eats can help you beat morning-after bloat. By Jessica Cording, MS, RD, CDN Even if you eat well and meet your fitness and wellness goals, sometimes a perfectly justifiable meal out or an indulgent evening of boozing (hey, a girl’s gotta live a little) can leave you feeling like you’re back at square one the next morning. While you may logically know that bloating happens to everyone and that there are a multitude of causes (salty restaurant food and alcohol among them), feeling heavy feels—ugh—less than stellar. There are a […]

Meditation Practices You Need to Know About

meditation practices

Best Meditation Practices You Need to Know About Meditation has come a long way since it first became popular in the West during the 1960s. Some of the most popular and effective methods are now backed by scientific evidence, showcasing the benefits meditation has on the body and our mental health. While meditation has been around for ages, only recently has it become a part of popular Western culture. Currently in the modern world, there are five meditation practices that have stood the test of time. The reason for this is that they provide the most successful results, some of […]

Does Spirituality and Prayer Really Relieve Stress

prayer reduces stress

Praying Reduces Stress and Overall Health Psych central Theresa J. Borchard The last thing I think of when I’m stressed out with work deadlines and complicated homework projects with the kids is to get on my knees or attend Mass. But a growing body of research suggests prayer and religion rank high among the best stress busters. In her new book, The SuperStress Solution, Dr. Roberta Lee devotes a section to the topic of spirituality and prayer. “Research shows that people who are more religious or spiritual use their spirituality to cope with life,” notes Dr. Lee. “They’re better able […]

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

high blood pressure symptoms

High Blood Pressure Symptoms High blood pressure is considered a silent killer. It sneaks up on you, carries no symptoms and can put you at risk for heart disease. It can also feel like it came out of nowhere, like it did for survivor, Shermane Winters-Wofford. Read more for High Blood Pressure Symptoms. Shermane thought she was perfectly healthy – until she suffered a stroke. And as it turns out, her family history of high blood pressure and heart disease had put her at risk all along. High blood pressure, also known as HBP or hypertension, is a widely misunderstood. […]

The Mediterranean Chopped Salad Perfect for Summer

mediterranean chopped salad

This healthy recipe is easy to make, so it’s perfect for those warm summer evenings when you’d rather be outside than in the kitchen. By Jennie Miremadi, MS, CNS, LDN With a combination of artichoke hearts, cucumber, red onion, hearts of palm, tomatoes, and fresh basil, this salad has a delicious Mediterranean twist that you’re going to love. It also features capers and a Meyer lemon vinaigrette that will add a tangy flair to every delicious bite. And, while you can be sure that this salad is filled with tasty ingredients, it’s also packed with nutrients. It’s not only loaded […]

Beer Is the Healthy Ingredient Your Cooking Needs


Save that can! It’s time to get cooking with a cold one. By Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT Beer is all too often associated with, well, a beer belly. But finding creative ways to cook with a brew can help you savor the flavor (and malty smells) without such a concentration of calories. Even more: When consumed responsibly, beer can be a healthy addition to a balanced diet, notes Joy Dubost, Ph.D., R.D., a registered dietitian in Philadelphia who is also a beer steward with the Master Brewers Association of the Americas. (Celiac? Try one of these 12 tasty gluten-free […]