foods for weight loss

The Top 10 Foods for Weight Loss

Different foods produce different amount of calories in the body. More also, all foods do not get absorbed the same way by the body metabolic pathways. It is, therefore, crucial to be cautious on your feeding behavior to avoid foods that produce a lot of calories in the body especially if you don’t have sufficient time for physical exercise. There are certain foods that can help you lose weight either because you will feel satisfied faster when you take them or because they are highly rich in nutrients and a small portion will be enough.

Here is a list of the top 10 best foods that can help you lose weight without straining

  1. Apples

Foods for weight loss

The apple fruit is widely known for its health benefits. An apple is among some of the popular fruits in the world. Nothing can be compared with that feeling of a bite of bright, red, attracting juicy apple to satisfy your thirst and improve your health. No wonder the phrase, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.  These fruits are the best doctors for your health because they are free from cholesterol and sodium. They are rich in vitamin c; fiber and water which helps a person feel full and refreshed for long. Somepeople refer to them as ‘nutritional powerhouse’

  1. Whole eggs

Foods For weight loss

Whole eggs were once feared for having high cholesterol levels but they are now making a comeback. Research conducted shows that they don’t affect blood cholesterol if taken in the right amounts. You only need to control their intake, they are rich in energy and you don’t have to eat lots of them to fill your belly. Whole eggs contain a considerable amount of calories and nutrients found in the yolk.  They are very low-calorie foods and remember that dietary food slows down the process of proteins absorption hence staying for long in the body. If you are seeking too loose weight on low diet and protein, definitely whole eggs are your option.

  1. Leafy greens

Foods for Weight Loss

The leafy green vegetables include spinach, kales Swiss chords among others. They are accompanied by a variety of properties that make them considered excellent for weight loss. First, they produce low carbohydrates and calories but rich in fiber. Foods rich in fiber help to improve meal intake without producing excessive calories in the body. Studies have proved that low-density-energy foods motivate eating of lower calorie foods. Taking the leafy green food regularly will enable you to reduce weight and still remain healthy.

  1. Salmon oil

Foods for Weight Loss

This oil is healthy for the body because it’ satisfying and it keeps the body full for longer hours with only a few amounts of calories. Salmon oil contains high levels of natural proteins and fats plus other bodybuilding nutrients. These nutrients boost the metabolism to remain functional for a longer period. The most significant element of salmon oil in reducing weight, is that it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are responsible for ‘burning’ fats in the body especially in the case of obesity. Salmon oil is very effective for someone who wants to lose weight in style, you don’t have to spend the whole day running or doing some other tiresome activities just to shed off excess fat.

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  1. Red Cayenne peppers

Foods for Weight Loss

As a natural herb, cayenne paper can greatly help you to shed off a few extra pounds if taken consistently. So how is it capable of doing this? Well, the red pepper can reduce your appetite, increase metabolic functioning and more importantly burn the excess body fats. The ingredient that makes cayenne pepper effective for losing weight is capsaicin. According to health scientists, capsaicin is a ‘thermogenic chemical’ ingredient which plays a vital role in the body by increasing your metabolism functioning and at the same time cut appetite. Researchers have also found that people who have a tendency to take every meal with the red pepper become satisfied faster and they do not feel the urge to crave for more.

  1. Rye bread

Foods for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose a number of pounds without having to go extreme on diet? Well, Rye bread might work out perfect for you. According to Dr. Sarah Brewer of Try Rye bread, Rye bread increases satisfaction and fullness, it eliminates the urge to eat more. Try taking Rye bread every breakfast and this will greatly help to lower your appetite. This bread helps to reduce appetite throughout the day and you won’t even realize that you have gone the whole day without eating.

  1. Oatmeal

Foods for Weight Loss

This food is manufactured or produced from dry oats. Since the beginning of time,  oats have been considered as one of the grains rich in nutrients. It is a favorable and recommended meal especially throughout the winter season. Oats are rich in a number of nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants. This meal can help you out with the overall plan for losing weight if followed properly.  Oatmeal consumption reduces overall calories build up hence experience weight loss.

  1. Soy

Foods for Weight Loss

This meal is considered rich in proteins just as much as meat, hence giving assurance of the presence of amino acids required to keep the body healthy. Soy comes in different forms such as soy milk, roasted soy nuts among others. The plan of every diet meal is to burn calories, soy is just perfect for this function.  It does not restrict any nutrient, and in this case, it helps the body to acquire all the necessary nutrients for appropriate dieting hence making the weight loss effective and more also, keep the body in good health.

  1. Boiled Sweet potatoes

Foods for Weight Loss

Suggesting a sweet potato meal for a diet plan might sound odd but it is very effective. However, they contain properties that qualify them to be on this list. First, they do not contain any chemical properties, they are healthy for the body in their natural form. Secondly, they are highly rich in carbohydrates which are the main sources of energy for the body. They might not be rich in proteins and vitamins but they contain almost every nutrient the body requires in their natural form.  By eating sweet potatoes, you will feel full but the amount of calories generated will be very low hence facilitating weight loss. Sweet potatoes are also good for the skin and hair, and can lower blood pressure.

  1. Coffee

Foods for Weight Loss

You don’t have to strain to look for methods to cut weight, the solution might just be there around you, it could be in your kitchen. Scientists have revealed that coffee contains certain elements that can actually help in burning body fats. Regular coffee consumption increases the body heat which in turn burns the body fats. It is a simple and economical way of losing weight. You don’t have to budget because all you need is coffee and just a lil sugar, water is naturally available. Try out one or more of these products and you will not be frustrated by the outcomes as far are you keep it regular.

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