Kids GPS

Parents this is a must have for your kids.  The Tick Talk wearable tracker wrist phone w/ GPS locator allows parents to monitor their kids.   Parents know immediately when your kids arrive home from school with the GPS tracker.  The Wrist Phones is equipped with Two-way communication between your phone, and the Tick-Talk, up to 13 Contacts can be stored.  It works with all iPhones and Android cell phones. The TickTalk Sim is compatible with T-Mobile, Metro PCS, and Ultra Mobile GSM SIM card it can be added on your Family Plan.  The Featured  newest version comes with a high resolution touch panel, bigger icon design, touch and swipe to control, which is easy for kids.  If you have young kids like I do, this watch is a must have. The Wrist Phone comes in Blue and Pink. Click Here to purchase on Amazon


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