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How To Lose Weight From Home

The number one question I get is How to Lose weight ? Well gone are the days of just running or doing the elliptical machine for cardio. Today, strength training is found to be more efficient and has science-backed benefits, such as increasing youthfulness, building muscle mass, and protecting against  diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and can reduce back, neck, and joint pain and even more. Plus, a growing number of individuals and more so women, in particular, have come to realize that lifting weights won’t necessarily make them bulk up like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and in fact  weight lifting will help boost metabolism which causes the body to burn fat. Add in a good protein and you are good to go !

No equipment workouts are becoming more and more popular every day. They can be done from home and are relatively easy to learn, they can be modified to fit you athletic ability or fitness level, and they can be done from home at the park, a high-school track and just about anywhere. No equipment workouts or body weight exercises are a great alternative to costly gym memberships if you are on a budget. Sit-Ups, Mountain Climbers, Push Ups, pull ups are awesome body-weight moves that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Click to learn More about Ideal Fit

The Video above has some great workouts and can be done by men or women and if you are a recent mom you will love our mommy fit challenge When working Out use some HIIT’s. HIIT’s will helps you burn calories fast by alternating quick bursts of high-intensity exercise with short rest periods in between. HIIT’s  can be found in all types of workouts, from Plyos, Body Weight exercises, cross training, and boot camp classes.

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