Camping Checklist: Equipment and Essentials You Must Have

Camping gear and accessories – so much to check out and so many places to buy them. Visit a camping store in the neighborhood, and you will be bamboozled by the vast range of insane products. With lots of choices, it is easy to get carried away. You may end up buying equipment that you do not need. Sure, there will always be some cool supplies that could add to your experience, but, first of all, you need to buy essential gear.

Whether it is your first camping trip or you are an experienced camper, it always helps to have a handy checklist before you start packing your bag with camping essentials. Nobody wants to experience a situation where they reach the camping sight without tent pegs.

Of course, an experienced camper starts with a tent, but there are several other pieces of equipment and essentials that can make your trip comfortable.

Part of the joy of camping is requiring very little gear. But it is also necessary to have a homey campsite. Figuring out what you may need is also a fun part of any trip. Here is a comprehensive list of camping essentials, and we do not expect you to get all of them — though we won’t judge you if you do!

  • Instant Cabin-style Tent

If you wish to add a homey feel to your camping adventure, get a cabin-style tent with plenty of space. Unlike traditional tents, an instant cabin style tent features pre-attached poles. It is easy to set up the tent. Plus, there are tents that have a room divider and windows for ventilation.

Additionally, a high-quality tent is waterproof.

  • Sleeping Bag

Bedding is one of those camping essentials that you cannot afford to skimp. Sleeping bags and inflating mattresses ensure that you have a comfortable sleep when you are not in your bed. Also, high-quality

sleeping bags ensure that you are fresh and energetic for the next adventure.

If you think that sleeping bags are not safe because they keep you very close to the ground, then you can get camping stretchers for you.

  • Torch, LED, Battery-powered Lighting Sources

When you are out there, you understand how dark it is in the wilderness. Do not rely on a campfire for lighting. Although campfires are lovely and fill you with positivity, they do not help when you are several meters far from the campsite exploring nature.

There are various kinds of inexpensive lighting sources that you can keep with you. They include a torch, LED, and other types of battery-powered devices. Also, ensure that your phones are charged.

  • Survival Gear – Knife, Axe, Fire Starter, and Shovel

Ensure that you have a range of survival items to save your day in the wilderness. A shovel helps dig holes, clear the campsite, and set up the tent. On the other hand, a knife and an axe make it easy to collect firewood. When it is getting dark, a fire starter can help start a fire and keep you safe from animals.

  • First Aid Kit

You do not know what kinds of threats can ruin your trip when you are out there in the wilderness. It is good to be ready for all kinds of situations. Keep a well-stocked kit that contains band-aids, insect repellent, immobilization bandage, and other items that may help you during the trip.

In the End

One more thing that you must have on your list is a sense of humor. If things go a little awry, it can uplift people around you. And, it comes for free!

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