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Do Vegans Eat Eggs?

Anyone who is sticking to the vegan diet is aware of the importance of avoiding foods that originated from animals. Eggs are derived from poultry, which is the reason why a lot of vegans eliminate these foods from their regular diet. However, if you want to practice the vegan diet and lifestyle, be aware that not all vegans don’t eat eggs. There is a recent trend among a few vegans that let them incorporate specific kinds of eggs into their regular diet – that is the veggan diet.

Understanding the Veggan Diet

Vegans who still eat eggs are in the veggan diet. Some of those who practice this lifestyle are open to making eggs a part of their diet since egg-laying is a process that is natural for hens. It does not cause harm to them. If you love eggs, then you can make your diet plans more flexible by going for veggan.

It lets you include eggs from poultry or hens raised ethically, like free-range hens as well as those pets kept and cared for in a backyard farm. It is a great approach to veganism especially if you want to stick to the lifestyle but have concerns regarding restrictions.

Reasons Why Some Vegans Eat Eggs

Some vegans are fully aware of how healthy eggs are. They know exactly the positive effects of eating eggs regularly, so they can’t completely eliminate these foods. Here are just a few reasons that encouraged several vegans to eat eggs:

  • Excellent source of Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12 is abundant in eggs, which is why some vegans still try to make them a regular part of their diet. Note that those who follow the vegan diet might have a hard time getting enough Vitamin B12. It is because this vitamin is often naturally found in animal products.

    By not eliminating eggs from your diet, your body will receive enough of this essential B vitamin. By supplying your body with Vitamin B12 through eggs, you can improve the health of your nervous system. This vitamin also plays a huge role in converting foods to fuel. Furthermore, it is essential in improving the health of your eyes, hair, liver, and skin.
  • Provides Vitamin D – Another nutrient that any vegan can get from including eggs into their diet is Vitamin D. It is necessary in boosting your immunity and the health of your bones. This is a good thing, especially because a lot of people can’t obtain enough of this vitamin from their regular diet. Eggs are among the non-seafood items that are naturally abundant in Vitamin D.
  • Can make you feel full fast – Eggs are also among the quickest and most convenient ways to get more satiating protein. They are so satiating that eating them for breakfast is better than a bagel alternative, which is low in fat.

    By eating eggs, you can lower your appetite, thereby preventing unhealthy snacks. Aside from that, eating eggs for breakfast will let you consume fewer calories and stabilize or lower your blood sugar.
  • Offers a good supply of protein – Even just one medium-sized egg can already provide you with a lot of protein. The good thing about the protein provided by eggs is that it is complete in the sense that it has all the essential amino acids needed by the body.

    This complete protein is something you may have a hard time getting from plants alone. With the aid of eggs, you will get the kind of complete protein needed for proper hormone balance, better satiety, and improved ability to build lean muscles.

Veganism does not have to restrict you too much. You can still go for a flexible vegan approach, which lets you include highly nutritious foods, like eggs, into your diet. By being more flexible, it will be easier for you to stick to healthy eating habits.

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