Psoriasis on Back of Neck Treatment

Psoriasis refers to a chronic and lifelong autoimmune skin condition characterized by the excess production of skin cells. Having this condition might cause your skin to develop scaly and red patches known as plaque. It can appear on your scalp, knees, elbows, back of the neck, or any other part of your body.

Apart from the plaques, your skin may also have rashes. Other symptoms of this condition include nail changes and joint problems. If you have psoriasis and it is affecting the back of your neck, then be aware that there are ways to deal with it.

While this is a lifelong condition, you can still do something to at least lessen its symptoms and make it less visible.

Topical Medications

One way to treat the symptoms of the back of neck psoriasis is to use topical medical medications. These refer to medications that you can apply directly to your skin. Among the topical medications that you can use are corticosteroids that come in the form of cortisone creams, ointments, liquids, gels, and sprays.

Other types of topical medications that can help deal with psoriasis are coal tar, retinoid, anthralin, and Vitamin D-3 derivatives. One thing you should take note of about topical medications is that their potency may diminish over time. It is the reason why you have to rotate or combine them. Make sure to consult your doctor prior to combining medications, though, to guarantee your safety.

Light Therapy or Phototherapy

Another effective way to treat psoriasis, particularly one affecting the back of your neck is light therapy or phototherapy. It makes use of UV light that comes from the sun as a means of slowing down skin cell production and lessening inflammation. It can help lessen symptoms of psoriasis. Two forms of light therapy that a psoriasis sufferer can use are:

  • UV-B light therapy – Ultraviolet B light therapy works by combining topical treatments. It tends to be a big help for those who have moderate to severe cases of psoriasis. However, take note that it can also increase your risk of developing skin cancer as it exposes you to UV rays.
  • PUVA therapy – This form of therapy is a combination of UV-A light therapy and an orally-administered drug called psoralen, which can improve the sensitivity of your skin to sun and light. This therapy can offer relief to the symptoms of psoriasis within 20 to 30 treatment sessions.

    This treatment is provided twice or thrice weekly. It has a few side effects, though, like itchiness, burning, and nausea.

Home Remedies

You can also use some home remedies in alleviating the symptoms of the back of neck psoriasis symptoms. Used together with other medications, the following remedies can help resolve this condition:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar – ACV can help deal with psoriasis symptoms, including burning and itching. Just apply it to the cracked or broken part of your skin. The good thing about apple cider vinegar is that it has natural germ-killing properties. It can soothe the affected spot.
  • Aloe Vera Gel – You can also use the gel taken from the Aloe Vera plant in treating psoriasis found at the back of your neck. It is useful in reducing inflammation, scaling, and redness.
  • Baking Soda – You can use baking soda to lessen the itchiness caused by the skin condition. Just mix it with water to create a paste out of it.
  • Avocado or Coconut Oil – Another possible home remedy for psoriasis is avocado or coconut oil. Just apply it to the back of your neck to moisturize the area.


Psoriasis on the back of neck has symptoms that you can minimize with the aid of medical treatments and home remedies. Just make sure to consult your doctor to find the proper treatment for it. By finding the right treatment, you can lessen the discomfort linked to this skin condition as well as any possible complications.

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