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Fitness Training For Kids

Fitness Training for Kids

Having kids undergo fitness training is not something that many parents or physical education teachers are optimistic about. It is something they do not see as necessary or as good for the kids. But the truth of the situation is that kids also need to work out like adults do. It does no harm to them. As a matter of fact, it is good for the kids.

There have been some misconceptions about fitness training for kids, like the argument that it stunts their growth. But this is not true, as there are no clear scientific evidence to support this claim. In fact, there have been clearly spelled out benefits of training the kids from an early stage. These benefits include bone mineral density, injury resistance, increased muscular fitness, motor fitness performance, and body composition among many others. So there really is no reason to stop the kids from training because of a myth.

Below are few of the exercises and training that are suitable and safe for kids to partake in.

  • Star jumps: Stay in a squat position. Make sure that your knees and your toes are in line and your bottom is not sagging. Keep it parallel and straight to the floor. Then jump as high as you can. While you’re in the air, extend your legs and your arms to the side to form a star. As you land, bend your knees forward and end in the same squat position you started with.
  • Mountain climber: Your starting position should be a plank position. From this position, bring one of your knees forward towards your chest while your hands remain on the ground. Return the knee and bring the other one forward. Keep doing this alternatively and in quick succession.
  • Inchworm: Keep your hands on the ground from a plank position and walk forward with your legs (while your hands are on the ground) until your legs and hands are both straightened up. Then walk back to the initial plank position with your hands.
  • Push up to side: Start from a plank position and do a push up. As you come back to the initial plank position roll onto one of your sides and raise up the other arm. That is, if you roll to your right side, you raise your left arm up and if you roll to your left side, you raise your right arm up. Ring the raised arm down and start the process alternately raising both arms up.
  • Speed skaters: From a standing position, cross your left leg behind your right leg and make sure that your feet are as far apart as they can be. This position is such that your legs cross each other at the thigh. Then hop your left feet back to your left side and cross your right leg behind it with feet far apart and legs crossing at the thigh. Do this repeatedly and make sure you are not too slow about it.

 These are some of the common exercises for kids. Others include push-ups, plank to low squat, split jack, burpees etc.

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