Top Skin Care Products for Clear Skin

Skin Care

Top Skin Care Products for Clear Skin

Acne is very common among many adults today and the painful part is it is not something that leaves the skin easily once it makes its abode there. So this makes it a menace for the population of ladies and women affected by it.

Acne is caused when pores in your skin get clogged by dead skin cells. Oil is unable to discharge and therefore starts to accumulate under the skin and in the pores, thereby creating a whitehead and a blackhead. Propionibacterium acts on a spot like that on the skin and causes them to flourish again causing pimples and inflammation.

Combating acne can be a difficult task but it is not impossible for you to get rid of them. Salicylic acid is a major component that you need to rid your skin of acne. Depending on how much acne you have on your face or skin, it might take more or less time with different people. Salicylic acid helps to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin. It then penetrate into the pores of the skin to remove sebum. Removal of sebum prevents the pores from clogging and also eases the pores that are already clogged. How it does it is by breaking the bond that exist between the dead skin cell and the skin surface. So the dead skin are shed off and the newer ones underneath it can be revealed.

Skin Care
Skin Care

Another active ingredient for combating acne is benzoyl peroxide. It kills all the bacteria that cause acne and as well opens up clogged pores. This ingredient is best used in the shower with cleanser because of how strong it is. You only need to apply small pea size of this ingredient for your whole face and should be applied only once daily.

Whatever products you are buying to cleanse your skin must have either of these two active ingredients in them. They must also be labelled non-comedogenic. This means that they will not allow dead skin cell to clog on the pores.

There are a lot of products available in the market for cleansing but below are a list of our top choices.

It contains 2% of the salicylic acid which is the active ingredient that unclog pores. Meaning that there is no risk of a buildup of acne on your face. It sells for just $9.99

It contains salicylic acid for unclogging pores. It also contains lipo hydroxyl acid that removes excess oil from the skin. It is sold for $14.99

It contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and another hydrating agent called glycerin. These two work together to combat acne with blackhead or whitehead and inflammatory pimples with red or pink pimples that are slightly bigger. It is sold for $5.22.

This water proof sonic cleansing device can help you clear your face very effectively. It has a timer on it that tells you when to move unto another part of your face. It is sold for $199.

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